Thanks for taking the time to read the latest blog(s) from the Paddock Bar & Restaurant.  This week we’re going to discuss one of the three elements that our team (and hopefully you at home or work or wherever you’re reading this from) truly love. It’s not our delicious beef from Cape Grim, it’s not our tasty range of award-winning, domestically distilled liquor. We’re talking about refreshing, ice cold Aussie beer.

The short story of Australian beer began in our motherland England in the 1780s when James Squire was found guilty of thievery and sent to New South Wales on the first fleet. After serving his sentence Mr Squire began brewing his own beer which proved to be quite popular amongst the colony. Before the turn of the century James acquired over 30 acres of land and was the first person to cultivate Australian hops. In the early 1800s Mr Squire built a brewery. 20 years later the father of Australian beer passed away. 

Here at the Paddock Bar & Restaurant we honour James Squire’s legacy by serving up “The Constable” Copper Ale. A deep golden tradition English-style Pale Ale that gets its name from Mr Squire’s time spent working as a district constable, pretty ironic due to being convicted of multiple criminal acts earlier in his life. The bouquet is a balance of floral, citrus and earthy notes. Even though this brew only has an ABV (alcohol by volume) of 3.4% it still has a firm backbone of malts and a lingering hop-bitterness.

The Australian beer industry has flourished all around the country ever since. Over 150 years and 3000 kilometres away from where Aussie beer was born is my hometown of Perth in Western Australia. A short distance out of the city is the Swan Valley and The Feral Brewing Company. Since 2009 the family owned, operated and handcrafted micro-brewery has been producing a world class range of beers and my favourite frothy. The Feral “Hop Hog” India Pale Ale.

“Hop Hog” explodes with citrusy flavours and heavy hop aromas, rounded out with fruity notes and a solid malt backbone. A farm load of American hops makes this unique brew. With an ABV higher than most beers this golden beast sits at 5.8% and a few go a long way.

As much as I enjoy pulling an ice cold “Hop Hog” out of the fridge for a relaxing knock-off with the team, it also has a place in our busy kitchen. Liam, Sarah and Eamon use it to marinate our free range chicken, which is sourced from the Lilydale Farm, South West of Brisbane. The beer’s fruitiness adds great flavour that complement the herbs and spices, also the sugar caramelises when chargrilled and roasted. Absolutely delicious!

So there you have it! Great Aussie craft beers and beer-infused food available at The Paddock. Our menus change with the seasons so you never know what new and exciting beers we’ll have for you to try next time you have a meal in the restaurant or a casual drink at the bar. We look forward to seeing you soon.


Matty Bonasia

The Paddock


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