Well rested after our holidays we are back open at the Paddock serving our fresh Australian produce

At The Paddock we source locally as much as possible without cutting out quality  

We are on contracts with our fruit and veggie supplier to provide FNQ sourced seasonal fruit and veg with the only the exception of weather taking us to Brisbane to keep our fridges stocked. We are all passionate about providing non processed food so you name it we make it from scratch, to our house made sauces, breads and dry rubs you can rest be assured its non-processed natural food here.

We feel it’s important to support locally produced fruit and veggies, doing so assures that the fruit is picked at its peak stage of ripening and doesn’t lose texture from being frozen or flavour from being picked to soon. Also keeping it local provides local families with an income to keep providing the prime produce we are spoilt with here in Cairns.

The season change is coming soon so keep a look out for our new menu and taste the produce at its finest.

Here at The Paddock we love having the opportunity to play with our sauces, jam and chutneys to create new and revamp the old family secrets. We would like to share a recipe for an onion jam. Great on antipastos, In mash, or just with the Sunday roast.

Onion Jam

50g of Butter

5 large onions

100g of brown sugar

100ml of balsamic vinegar

1 Table spoon of Worcestershire sauce


Finely slice the onions and sauté in the butter

When the onions are clear and fully cooked add the brown sugar, balsamic vinegar and Worcestershire sauce

Reduce until bubbly and sticky and let cool in your fridge

Now ready to serve as you wish and remember to have fun with it.


Until next time

The Paddock Team



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