Welcome back to another edition of ‘In the Paddock’. We hope your Easter weekend was well spent; eating, drinking and relaxing. Our team were busy designing our new menu which we’ve been building for the past few months. Chefs Liam and Sarah have been eating experimenting with the new season’s produce and discovering unique ways to utilising them in some tasty recipes, Ron has been channelling his creativity from manicuring his majestic beard & moustache and into graphic design, and I have been drinking researching new cocktails for my extensive book collection written by some of the greatest bartenders in history. I thought I'd break things down and use this opportunity to give you the 411 on what to expect on your next visit to The Paddock.

Although the new menu has a lot of exciting additions to our meats, entrees, sauces and sides The Paddock still has the same principals as before. Our kitchen still uses choice seasonal produce from Aussie farms, and we've still got Cape Grim beef from Tasmania. However, we have decided to diversify and support a second producer. Gippsland in Victoria's South East is home to some of the best grass-fed, natural beef in Australia and it's now available at The Paddock!

In addition to the new food we've also got some new drinks. I added a couple of beers from the Newstead Brewery in Brisbane as well as a few other newbies from around the country. The previous cocktail menu has been scrapped and I started from scratch. Now, we're offering classics with a twist and using more of our Australian liquor. This menu has more balance, variety and flavour and their may be a couple of familiar favourites with some added character.

Our team are proud of what we've created and their has been a phenomenal reception to the new food and drinks from the locals that flock to The Paddock. The menu can be viewed on our website and you can make a reservation online or give us a call on 4031 0100. Looking forward to seeing you soon!

Matthew Bonasia
Bar Manager
Paddock Restaurant and Bar


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