Welcome to our first blog of 2017. We haven’t written to you for some time now because our team has been focused on the operations of our pop-up garden laneway Harvest Barbeque and our provincial produce-rooted restaurant The Paddock.

We’ve been occupied taking care of the astonishing number of guests that have come through our doors. Frequently, The Paddock has been fully booked as well as hosting more of our Farmers Table Experience menus exclusively for large groups than in years past. Our team expanded. Our head chef Sarah brought in a couple of chefs to support her with kitchen operation and in continuing to creating wholesome and rustic food for Cairns. I established a dedicated front-of-house team who provide exceptional service and share our message of quality Australian food and drinks with our guests.

We faced some challenges too. Some of our suppliers for both fresh produce and liquor struggled to keep up with the demands of our growing restaurant. The quality expected by our team was not being met by some suppliers who we’ve had to break up with. This meant we went on the hunt for younger, hotter and more satisfying suppliers to jump into bed with. All jokes aside, we’ve had to adapt and alter our plans but have managed to stay true to what Ron, Sarah and I want to achieve.

We’re very excited for 2017. We feel like our feet are firmly planted on the ground and we’re ready to take the next step. With that said, I’ll be writing a number of blogs for you that will expand on our fast approaching upcoming plans regarding The Paddock Restaurant and Harvest. Keep an eye out here on the website or on our Facebook pages for the exclusive goss.


I'll leave you with a few before and after snapshots of our laneway transformation during 2016

Happy days,

Matthew Bonasia


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